Dakota Brown

Freelance Extraordinaire


Quality Content Matters.

Content Is King.

You hear this over and over again in the marketing industry, and it used to be that search engines judged your content based off of quantity.

Not anymore!

Search engines like Google have come to recognize the value of the quality of content over the word count. To wordsmiths like myself, this was great news! To marketers that like to cheat the system? Not so much.

Say goodbye to the days of 1000 word articles that don't give your clients any value, and say hello to the future of digital marketing: quality content that shows expertise and trustworthiness.


How I Got Started

The power of words has shaped my life. My humble small-town roots fostered my creative mind and love of words. Through literature, I was able to travel the world without ever leaving my home. From an early age, I knew I wanted to spend my life as a wordsmith!

While the means have transformed with age and the industry, my love of crafting the perfect message to make a difference has never faltered. The little girl reading books by the light of a flashlight and dreaming big dreams never could have imagined the journey that would lead me here!

My Freelance Services

Are you a busy entrepreneur that would rather spend time doing what you love rather than getting bogged down in the background work?

With my talent as a master wordsmith and my professional marketing insight, I am proud to offer an array of services that includes blogging, copywriting, workflow management, and more!


"Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have our tea first?"

J.M. Barrie



"Dakota is transformative to my business. Her professionalism, as well as her ability to BE my brand and use my brand voice along with the trust I place in her to be the support for my clients is something that is HARD to find. She has taken such weight off of my shoulders and I can not recommend her enough for your business!"

Carly Jurach, Photographer & Founder

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